Motiv is still relatively new to the electric bike community, and our Motiv has always been to bring a unique quality experience to our customer.
Creating a bike is like watching a child grow, and we take great pride in our craftsmanship. Whether it's a gear switching with key precision or the smile immediately seen when a rider experiences their first throttle, we live for it all.

We offer the latest technology with functional and fashionable designs that are sure to keep riders relevant. We tested our bikes until we had it right. This led to many sleepless nights as designs have had to be modified, changed and perfected.

Our fleet has recently expanded to three bikes. The "Spark" was an idea shot off in the dark to provide a standard beach cruiser frame with the twist throttle to annihilate any hill that presents a challenge. Next, the "Sleek" is a traditional step-thru which combines functionality with agility. Zipping through neighborhoods has never looked so stylish plus it packs a punch with that twist throttle. Finally we are excited with the launch of "Shadow". Forged deep in the Motiv laboratory, Shadow enters the light to bring riders the latest revolution in the e-bike community. With its matte frame and pedal-assist technology, people won't know Shadow is approaching until they are left in the dark.

Because we are bike enthusiasts, we combined the best elements out of every bike we have ever ridden to perfect our product. We feel privileged to bring our customers a unique and refined line of electric bike.

We would not do this if we did not have them in mind. We want customers to be completely satisfied when they use our bikes. We created our color customization options because we knew that's what the people wanted. We haven't met all our customers yet, but we can't wait to.

We are already having tons of fun with our Motiv electric bikes. Now it is time to get motorized and join us in the excitement outside!

What will your Motiv be?