The Details


You’ve played around with the color combinations. You’ve envisioned yourself being the envy of your peers as showcase your new Motiv bike. But now you’re curious about how Motiv bikes differ from other manufacturers. So let’s talk numbers. Below is a countdown of the most important aspects of an electric bicycle starting with numerouno.

We know there are many other qualities to our bicycle but these are just some main facts for you to consider. And if you feel we left something out, don’t hesitate to let us know.  We are here for you!
1. Let's start at the power system, THE BATTERY!

Unfortunately, the most important component on our electric bike happens to be the most expensive, the battery. With so many options in the market we weighed the pros and cons to pick the perfect one for Motiv.  Sure, there are batteries ranging cheaper and more expensive than ours, but we wanted trusted quality at a fair price. This brought us to a Lithium Ion Polymer battery that uses cylindrical cells.  This is one of the most stable lithium systems that would allow either a 36 volt or a 48 volt battery to be used on our bicycles.

We offer 3 battery options that will cover any rider’s preference. See the chart below. It is difficult to diagnose the exact distance or speed that a battery can output because there are several variables to consider. Of these; weight, terrain, weather and to some extent even temperature. We have calculated that the range is roughly 2 miles (distance) per amp hour (ah). 

We have 3 batteries that our customers can choose from depending on their preference and riding style.

Battery Type




36v 10ah



Standard use for leisure riding

36v 15ah "LR"



“Longer Range” battery for commuting or "LR" leisure riding

48v 10ah



More power for hilly areas, or a personal preference


* Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent 

** May exceed the federal speed limit of 20MPH


What good is a battery if you don’t have a motor that can harness that power? This is why we use a rear wheel hub mounted 500-watt geared brushless motor that handles the power supplied by our 36v or 48v system. We use a geared motor for two reasons:  the amount of torque that can be generated  applied by the use of a planetary gear inside the motor and it allows 80% more efficiency and running distance to the battery, extending the life of the battery cells.


The 6061 aluminum frame utilizes a technology called "hydro-forming"which allows complex shapes to be formed into lightweight, structurally stiff and strong pieces by use of high pressured liquid and a machine press.  This technology makes our frames strong and sturdy resulting in a smooth, comfortable ride.  The frame was designed to place the battery at the lowest and closest to the middle part of the frame so that the rider would have a well-balanced ride. Other manufacturers place the battery above the rear wheel and directly over a rear motor. This forces the weight of the bike to be weighted 20/80 and top heavy, giving the bike a higher center of gravity. Our frame has a lower center of gravity so it feels more balanced.  You’ll have confidence in the stability when you make a sharp turn. 


And onto the fun part.You can customize the bike to suit your personality!  With over 500+ color combinations to choose from, we are confident you’ll come up with something unique.  Color customizations include the frame, wheel, upgraded seat, grip and tire package.  And just in case it slipped your mind from item #1, you can also select what battery system you want to power the bike of your dreams. 


Every Motiv Electric Bike gets tested and undergoes through a quality control inspection to ensure that you are getting a quality product. We check all the electrical and mechanical aspects to make sure they are working to our standards. We then build your bike for our test ride. Once it passes, it's off to be shipped.

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