Are Your A Good Candidate For Hair Restoration?

Where Did Our Own Doctors Go When They Wanted Their Own Hair Restoration?

Hair Loss and Restoration Clinics of Canada

Hair Loss in women and hair loss in men can occur at any age. Dealing with hair loss can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. If you want to make an educated and informed decision to see if our Hair Loss Restoration Clinics in Canada is for you, then you are in the right place. Hair Loss Restoration may be the answer to your problem. But first, let’s see if you Qualify For a Hair Loss Restoration Consultation:

Am I too late to start a Hair Loss Restoration Treatment Program?

Yes, we must sometimes decline patients for several ethical or medical reasons. For those patients in advanced stages of hair loss, only a live consultation will determine if there is a window of opportunity for this treatment to be most effective.

Do you Qualify now?
  • Do you exhibit a decline in hair above the temples as well as receding from the forehead?
  • Are you thinning on the top of the head?
  • Do have hair loss above the temples and/or front anterior areas?
  • Is most of your hair loss occurring on the top of the vertex and crown?
  • Are areas of the scalp showing through thinning hair?
  • Are you completely losing hair on the crown of your head?
Has your hair loss inspired you to:
  • Shave it off.
  • Try the comb-over strategy.
  • Get hair replacement surgery.
  • Considering a hair piece or toupee?
  • BEFORE you try any of the above, Call US today for a No Obligation Consultation to see How We Can Perhaps Solve Your Problem. Meso Therapy is a non-invasive treatment, which doesn’t require any surgery.

The Hair Loss and Restoration Clinics of Canada is the ONLY Canadian Clinic to offer this type of Advanced Hair Restoration Treatment Protocol in Canada. To Learn more about our MESO and PRP Treatments, contact our clinic today at 1-800-