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“OMG seriously!

After coming here it will your last bridal gown stop!

My aunt called me and said to head on over because they were having a sale, so I made an appointment and took my bridesmaid with me and headed here. My wedding isn’t till Nov. 2014 but I’m such a perfectionist I love to get things done ahead of time and I hate shopping so I really really wanted to find my dress so I could continue with the wedding plans.

Anyway I came to Valco mall and found Bay Area Bridal right away right next to Macy’s, so I walk in and immediately was greeted by my consultant Chloe (I LOVED HER) she was perfect! Energetic and so friendly, I loved how she wasn’t pushy like other sale consultants are. Seriously ask for her when you come in, I told her this was my second time trying on wedding dresses, my first was at David’s bridal and I think I only found one there that I kind of forced myself to like, I told her I had an idea but wasnt sure yet, so she directed me to an iPad so I could choose the different styles they carried so she could get an idea of what I was looking for and I did and right away she sat me and my bridesmaid in a private room WHICH WAS A PLUS, (not like at David’s bridal the whole store is looking at you try on your dress) we waited as she picked some dresses for me and they were all lovely, actually fell in love with 4 different dresses. I didnt know how much I was going to love lace dresses and mermaid bottom, I took pictures and decided to come home and think it through although I AM getting my dress here. My mom is paying for it so I want to bring her and my sister for a second try and maybe get their help on deciding.

I didnt think Bay Area bridal was gonna be this great, still today I keep staring at all 4 dresses and can’t seem to make up my mind, but will do.
Come to Bay Area bridal you won’t regret it, they have diff. Sizes and price range dresses. And thank you Chloe for helping me make my bridal gown experience much easier for me :) ))))))” From Carmela A.

“This place is better than David’s Bridals and Trudy’s!!!! I will recommend everyone getting married here! Nikki worked with me and made my experience awesome! She was very helpful kept me in budget and no pressure! I loved it I felt very well attended the owner sandy is very nice and greeted everyone!” From Jellie S.

“It’s been ages since I’ve written a review, but I really feel as though the reviews here are just not warranted I had the BEST experience today, and will admit that I was absolutely freaked out after reading the low reviews on this place. I really thought I wasn’t going to have that great of an experience, when in actuality it was the by far the easiest, quickest, and most enjoyable experience shopping for bridal ever.

I’ve been to David’s Bridal numerous times in the past 5 years, as a 3x bridesmaid and now as a bride to be. David’s Bridal is hit or miss, but I definitely knew going in that I wasn’t going to be buying my dress there. I did however, want to get an idea of what looked good on me and what I wanted and didn’t want, and the DB experience certainly gave me that.

BAB is over an hour away from me, but the whole reason why I was willing to drive there was because of the Maggie Sottero trunk show. I guess it helps that I’m a hardcore Googler and I knew exactly what I wanted. We left in plenty of time but because of an accident, we ended up being about 10-15 minutes late. We called to let them know, and they were great about it. I’ve never been to Vallco before and their parking areas are totally confusing, but once we figured it out, BAB wasn’t hard to find at all. Yes it’s in a mall, and from first impressions it looks like a prom dress store, but once we walked in, there was a sales rep who was very willing to help us out. Once I told her I had an appointment, she directed us to the back of the store, which is where the “bridal salon” is. My consultant, Nikki, immediately greeted us and from the get go, she’s a sweetheart. Totally all smiles and such a welcoming and fun personality. She checked me in, and introduced herself to my entourage, which consisted of one of my bridesmaids, my 2 aunts, my mom, and my little one. Then we picked dresses, and were brought back to a private dressing area. PRIVATE. We walked past a more “public” dressing area, which was similar to DB’s set up, but their dressing rooms are a lot bigger. When you’re trying on poofy dresses, the last thing you want is to feel like you’re stuffed into a regular sized dressing room. My area was great, there were cushioned chairs and benches, a pedestal, and ample mirrors to check yourself out from all angles. The dressing room was large, fitting me, my consultant, a bunch of dresses, and my little one with lots of room to spare.

Have I mentioned Nikki is GREAT? She knew which dress was “the one”, but she humored me and let me try on others that may have been better, saving it for last. And while 2 of the preceding dresses were great and I loved them, once I put on “the one”, it was a wrap.

I did feel like the store was a bit hectic, there were people in there looking at prom dresses also, and a few other bridal appointments, but never once did I feel like I was neglected or a burden. And lots of other workers were going to Nikki for questions or for help, so it felt good to have someone who actually knew what they were doing.

My appointment was less than an hour, and ended with me SAYING YES TO THE DRESS, and if I could go back and do everything over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t wait for my dress to come in so I can go back and have yet another great experience. Don’t go into this thinking you’ll be in Kleinfeld. If that’s the kind of experience you want, go to a serious bridal salon. But do go here and expect to be treated well and you’ll be fine.

(and I’m sorry but I just have to say, to the bride expecting wedding dresses to run around $100, are you kidding me? Prom dresses cost more than that)” From Riza A.

“Love this place and there service! Have been a bridesmaid and now am a bride and every time the service has been perfect! Ask for Nikki! She’s great and knows her stuff!” From Dunia M.